“Who you are is define by what you do?”

Who Am I?

I am a multi-talented professional with an edge in creativity, driven by ideas that bring concepts to life.
As an expert in what I do, I rely on thorough research and visual communications as I work. Thanks to my keen eye for details, my creative work brings forth bold, unique and fresh ideas to the table.

I principally work as a freelance Graphic Designer. I work with individuals, small businesses and larger organizations to help turn their vision to reality.

Moreover, through my experience and interest, I have steadily grown my skill set and widened my scope to other areas. The curiosity and enthusiasm to learn new techniques and understand the ever-evolving technology give me the prowess to provide better service to my clients.

“The experience of life makes you who you are.
Success is measured by your actions in your life!!”

My Experience and Success

As an independent Designer I have successfully undertaken various projects in my professional career, from smaller ventures to huge projects across diverse industries including telecoms, restaurants, weddings and many more. Each project challenges me to explore with an open mind, to understand the problem and solve it in the most effective way.

Living in the great city of London has given me access to a range of wonderfully diverse cultures and an opportunity to grow as a person and sharpen my skills as a professional.

I consider myself lucky because dyslexia, which could be seen as a weakness by many, turns out to be my greatest gift. Being dyslexic, allows me to see the world in different way!
Living with dyslexia has given me more focus and discipline to achieve more in both my personal life and professional career.
Even though I may face extra difficulties with dyslexia, to me, every day is a challenge to grow and to become better. In this digital age of embracing technology, I believe that;

“If you put your focus with your mind to it no matter the problem,
You can always find a solution to the problem.”

I’m a determined person dedicated to my craft. I’m a perfectionist at heart, always aiming to exceed my clients’ expectations as I realize the vision in each project.

Each work I do is very personal to me and I only take projects that I know can make a positive difference to the client’s business and effectively increase awareness in the relevant market place.

“Be Simple, Be Different
Stand out from the crowd!”

My Approach

Understand clients vision, the problem that needs to be solved and above all, the requirements of the project. This way, I can consistently offer my clients the unique and adequate service required for their business to thrive.

What’s more, the key determining factor to my approach and success in my work is to be “simple and different” from the competitor. Through that, I can effortlessly attract the needed attention from the crowded market.

A simple idea is more affective to the end user and being different makes you stand out from the crowd.

“Knowledge is power to succeed.”

My Education

At school I was kind of lost because of my learning difficulty. Thankfully, when I was in Kingsway college, London, I found the guidance and confidence from two of my teachers (Doug Solloway and John Kelly). They believed in me and gave me a chance to embrace the knowledge of Art and Design and to pursue a career in Graphic Design.

Graphics gave me the focus in my life, to be creative and open my eyes to a much brighter future.

After completing my formal education, learning for me has never stopped. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and information both online and from other people to refine my knowledge and enhance my skills. As a passionate graphic designer, I am always hungry to learn new things and gain more knowledge without fear or feeling embarrassed.

In recent years my biggest client ended up becoming my mentor. He has helped me in everything that I do by encouraging and advising me on where I can be better.
Thanks to him I am constantly eager to face a new challenge every day.

“Skill gives you the cutting-edge”

My Skill Set Overview
Graphic Designer
• Branding
o Logo Design
• Web Design and Web Development
Online Marketing
• Social Networking
• Retouching
• Video Editing

“I bring ideas and concepts to life”

My Services

I provide an all-round service from Graphic Design to Online Marketing. I am also an expert in capturing meaningful moments in exquisite photos and immersive videos.

I can either work effectively as an individual or with team around the world to the project’s scope and budget to complete it within the stipulated timelines.

Please take a look my portfolio and see if I can make a difference to your Business. Feel free to contact me with your queries at any time!

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